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目标的明确会让你顺利的得到美国高校的青睐!天道教育美籍顾问Christopher Koontz图文并茂讲述怎样让Essay问题变得特别简单,让你的美国大学面试回答变得深刻而有洞察力!

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Why do you do what you do?



  Knowing why you do what you do is the biggest key to achieving success.  Knowing why keeps you focused. It provides you with a tangible goal. It gives  you motivation and the will to overcome inevitable setbacks along the way.  Moreover, it will help you get accepted at an American university.


  I’m the kind of guy who likes learning through pictures, so I’ve created  this graph to show you what I mean.



  It’s unreasonable to think you can be fully committed 100% of the time.  Life happens. Other commitments occasionally take priority. But, if you know the  answer to why, you’ll pick it back up once you’ve handled your other  commitments.


  I’ll give you an example from my childhood which can serve as both a  success story as well as a failure.


  When I was 13 years-old, I decided that I wanted to play saxophone. The  academic year was half over, so I unfortunately wasn’t allowed to join the  school band because my skill level lagged far behind the other students.  However, with the help of a saxophonist friend combined with some personal  enthusiasm, I was able to persuade the band instructor to allow me to join at  the start of spring semester.


  I knew it would be challenging. I understood that I would have to work  twice as hard to catch up to the other band members. Therefore, I made it my  goal to become the top saxophonist by the end of the semester.


  When spring semester began, I spent the first few weeks being tutored on  how to read music and play a few notes. Each week, we were tested on our  individual progress, and I embarrassingly had to play simple major scales or  two-note songs whilst everyone else played that week’s newest lessons: full  songs with chord progressions. I felt ridiculous, but I had a goal and was fully  committed, leading me to practice every night for hours, much to the annoyance  of my parents. I was fully dedicated to my saxophone.


  Within months, my skill level was on par with my band mates, and by our  end-of-term spring concert, I was awarded with first chair after earning a  string of top marks on our weekly exams. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe how  far I’d come.


  Afterwards, however, came the let down. By the following semester, I had  grown overly confident. I had improved so quickly that I no longer felt I needed  to work hard. I stopped practicing at home. I laughed when I performed poorly on  our new material. My only goal had been becoming the best by previous semester’s  end, and I quickly found myself demoted to fourth chair. By the end of the year,  I had completely decommitted. I quit playing altogether, and I haven’t picked up  my saxophone since. Today, I’d be lucky if I could play you a simple chord.


  Looking back, I can see that my mistake was that I didn’t set a new goal  once the original goal had been achieved. I didn’t continue to raise the bar and  take the next step along my musical journey. I mistook my temporary success for  the end rather the beginning of a new challenge. In short, I no longer knew why  I was playing.


  Knowing why you do what you do will keep you committed to your activities,  whether it’s to gain a milestone achievement, to earn leadership experience, to  learn a new skill or to pursue a cause. You’ll never struggle to put forth your  best effort when you know the answer to why, thereby enriching your overall  experience and maximising the return on your time investment.


  Furthermore, when it comes time to complete your Common Application to  American universities, you’ll discover that the once daunting essay questions  suddenly seem easier. You’ll notice that your responses to university interview  questions have suddenly become deeper and more insightful. Your world will open  up.

  当然,当你进行美国大学网申的时候,你就会发现那些以前看起来特别让人望而生畏的Essay  问题现在看起来特别简单。在大学面试中,你会发现你的答案会突然间变得深刻而有洞察力。你进入到了一个新世界。

  Why do you do what you do? How has knowing why you do what you do helped  you succeed or stay focused? How has a lack of focus and commitment caused you  to fail or experience a setback? When have you been forced to refocus in order  to stay committed to an activity?


  Share your stories and insight in the comments section below to help others  in the community learn from your experience.


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