美国留学两难选择 专业和活动如何挑?

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申请美国留学的同学都会面临两大问题:选专业和如何做课外活动。专业的选择不仅关系到学业,更关系到学生以后的就业。今天天道教育Adam Grimm老师教大家美国留学如何选择专业以及如何选择课外活动。

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Adam Grimm

  Adam recently obtained a master&aposs degree from Georgetown University&aposs School of Foreign Service.Adam has a deep understanding of international Education. During his graduate study, he focused his research on China with a specific interest in Chinese education and international education. He presented his research at the University of Pennsylvania and Washington University and was recognized as a Boren Fellow and a Critical Language Scholar by the United States National Security Agency and the US State Department. Previously, Adam was an English Lecturer at Henan University, where he designed the coursework for Advanced Academic English Writing. 乔治城大学国际关系硕士,中文非常地道。热爱中国历史文化,热衷研究汉语言文学。曾任河南郑州大学英文讲师。幽默风趣。通晓中美两国教育系统和细节,辅导学生游刃有余。

    申请美国留学的同学都会面临两大问题:选专业和如何做课外活动。专业的选择不仅关系到学业,更关系到学生以后的就业。今天天道教育Adam Grimm老师教大家美国留学如何选择专业以及如何选择课外活动。想要申请美国留学的同学们快来看看吧!

  问: 您在乔治城大学学习的专业是国际关系,请问您选择这一专业的原因有哪些?中国学生在选专业时容易盲目跟风,您认为中国学生在申请美国大学时应该如何选择适合自己的专业?

  答:A study abroad experience as an undergraduate student to South Korea opened my eyes to a new world and new ways of thought. Returning to my home in Ohio, I immediately changed my undergraduate major from American Politics to International Relations and continued to focus on Asia, with my focus changing more specifically to China. After living in China for a year following my university graduation, I knew that I wanted to obtain more in depth and professional knowledge within this field and to enhance my Chinese language skills, all with the dream of one day working for the US Governmentas a Foreign Service Officer within the Department of State.


  When choosing a major, it is important to keep several things in mind.

  First: What are you passionate about?/What do you really enjoy learning about?

  Second: What can you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

  Students should select their major by first answering these questions. Choosing a major because you want to make a lot of money, because you think you can easily find a job or because others tell you to is a HUGE mistake. A great salary or an easy job search will not make up for the fact that you are dissatisfied with your life from nine to five Monday to Friday. You’d be much happier doing something you loved everyday! (Besides, when you love your job, you do better at your job, and when you do well at your job, you can move up!)



  问: 根据您的教学经历,中国学生往往更加看重成绩而忽略了课外活动。据您了解,美国学生比较热衷于哪类课外活动?中国学生应该如何选择课外活动?

  答:In the Chinese education system, everything is determined by academic performance (ie scores and grades). From year-end exams to the Zhongkao or the Gaokao, everything comes down to a test and one’s future is resting on how well one does on these exams. As a result, Chinese teachers and parents instill in students at a very young age the importance of exams. Under these circumstances, scores and class rank become the only means for evaluating a students performance or sometimes even the student’s value. There is no room left for extracurricular activities.


  In contrast, in America, student’s do not feel such pressure when it comes to tests and scores. At the same time, teachers, parents and society encourage students to be active outside of the classroom as well. Beginning in high school, American students have a much higher degree of personal freedom in deciding how to manage their free time--which compared to Chinese students is quite abundant. Many students engage in extracurricular clubs, sports or music groups. Others take part in community service or volunteer organizations, while the more ambitious students might start their own. On top of these activities, many students, becoming at least partially independent, maintain part-time jobs in addition to their other activities. In American society all of these activities are thought to lead to the conditioning of a “well-rounded” individual, a quality that college admissions officers prize.


  Chinese students preparing to become students in America should consider the benefits of balancing their studies with activities outside of the classroom. Not only will this help them stand out from other international applicants when applying to American schools, but it will also help them integrate more easily into American university life. While it is true that not as many options are available in China, Chinese students should begin by following their interests, perhaps forming clubs or organizations if they do not already exist. Like playing chess, but there is no chess club as your school? Get your friends together and establish the first group! Interested in volunteering to clean up the park near your neighborhood, but you do not know where to start? Round up your classmates, talk to your teachers and approach the local parks’ group. I am sure that everyone in your neighborhood will appreciate your efforts. In a way, it is almost to your advantage that a relative dearth of extracurricular activities exists in China: You are left with lots of room to create and grow your own resources. After all, starting and leading your own, new club is far more impressive than simply being a passive participant in one that already exists.



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