中美文化差异大 留学生如何抵挡文化冲击

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众所周知中美文化有着极大差异,美国留学生想要在国外顺利融入当地社交圈,适应美国课堂学习方式,需要做哪方面的准备呢?为了帮助各位准备去美国留学的同学提前了解两国文化差异,有针对性的做好留学前准备,我们采访到了天道教育的Adam Grimm老师。

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Adam Grimm

  Adam recently obtained a master&aposs degree from Georgetown University&aposs School of Foreign Service.Adam has a deep understanding of international Education. During his graduate study, he focused his research on China with a specific interest in Chinese education and international education. He presented his research at the University of Pennsylvania and Washington University and was recognized as a Boren Fellow and a Critical Language Scholar by the United States National Security Agency and the US State Department. Previously, Adam was an English Lecturer at Henan University, where he designed the coursework for Advanced Academic English Writing. 乔治城大学国际关系硕士,中文非常地道。热爱中国历史文化,热衷研究汉语言文学。曾任河南郑州大学英文讲师。幽默风趣。通晓中美两国教育系统和细节,辅导学生游刃有余。

    众所周知中美文化有着极大差异,那么美国留学生想要在国外顺利融入当地社交圈,并且很快适应美国课堂学习方式,他们需要做哪方面的准备呢?为了帮助各位准备去美国留学的同学提前了解两国文化差异,有针对性的做好留学前准备,我们采访到了天道教育的Adam Grimm老师,Adam Grimm老师来自美国,曾在河南大学任教,对中美教育及文化有深入的研究。下面来看看Adam Grimm老师给我们的建议。


  答:It is very true that there is a major difference between American and Chinese study and teaching methods. China has a ‘teacher-centered’ instruction approach with a teacher lecturing in front of the classroom and students listening and taking notes, while the US has championed a more ‘student-centric’ approach with students actively participating in class through open and group discussions as well as individual and group projects. Chinese students prepare for class by reciting and memorizing texts, while American students, even at a young age, are led to explore ideas critically and creatively in their homework.


  I was fortunate to have some very inspiring teachers, even at my rural Ohio school. I remember in a history class, we were learning about the Ford assembly line, and Mrs. B, in order to have the students get a feeling what it was like to do the monotonous, repetitive tasks of an assembly line worker, designed a classroom activity where we each had to draw part of a stick-figure person over and over again with the task of producing 500 of them! It is one thing to read or hear about something, but it is a much more memorable experience to actually feel it.


  In university, and especially graduate school, students are expected to take an even more active role in their own education, whether it be lab works or experiments, group discussions or individual research projects. Professors do indeed lecture, but the real learning takes part in the more personal aspects of university education. Therefore, as mentioned before, honing critical thinking skills are crucial for success in American universities. Sometimes this even means challenging your teacher’s ideas. 


    I remember when I was a junior in university I had a professor that wrote a book and series of articles presenting a new international relations theory and asked the class to review and critique the book for an assignment. I completely disagreed with the professor and in my paper I refuted the main premises of his argument. Although I was afraid that I might insult my professor, he was impressed that I was bold enough to disagree with him and he appreciated my well argued criticisms. (I also got an A in the class!)


  Chinese students may feel uncomfortable when they are faced with adapting to this new type of environment, and the thought of challenging a professor like I did might seem terrifying. American higher education demands that students extract their knowledge from creative exploration and critical examination. It is not about simply memorizing the textbook or lectures. It is about thinking for oneself. So when preparing to study in the States, Chinese students must begin to build those critical thinking skills. Get in the habit of questioning ideas, critiquing opinions, and considering alternative explanations for things.



  答:Studying and living in a different country can be an overwhelming experience. Everything and everyone around you is different. Culture shock can set in. In this strange environment, many international students find comfort and security by staying around things and people that are familiar, making friends with people from their same culture or country. This is particularly true of students whose culture is different from America’s. While European students may easily immerse themselves into American social life due to cultural and ethnic overlaps, the same is often not true with Chinese students, who often do everything only with other Chinese people. This was true with almost all the Chinese students with whom I came in contact at university and graduate school.


  But, I found that this ‘self-enforced isolation’ was not always a result of a lack of desire to integrate into American social circles, but a lack of nerve or confidence. As a graduate student, I had five Chinese roommates (at different times). While they normally preferred to hangout with other Chinese students, they were often happy to join me and other Americans if they were invited. The trick is breaking the ice.


  So, as a Chinese student, what should you do if you want to integrate into American social life? How can you break the ice? As your preparing to go abroad, it is important to psychologically prepare yourself for an unfamiliar environment and to know that there are going to be many things that will seem foreign at first. You will need to overcome this to fully integrate into American social circles.


  When you get there, you must force yourself to break out of your comfort zone and jump in with both feet! The easiest and most natural way is to follow your interests. Like tennis? Join a tennis club. Interested in Politics? Go to a political interest club meeting. Like singing, dancing, swimming, video games, volunteering etc? Find others with the same interest. Many universities have over a hundred student organizations that cater to all kinds of activities and interests. Take advantage and take part. Some of my best friends to this day I met playing dodge-ball as a freshman in university!


  Also, American students are curious about other cultures and would be excited to learn from you about Chinese life and culture. Share your experiences with them. Tell them that the Chinese food in America is garbage and take them to a real Chinese restaurant, or better yet, cook for them. You’ll have a friend for life!


    以上就是天道教育Adam Grimm老师为各位美国留学生们带来的中美文化差异分析。希望对各位准备去美国留学的同学有所帮助。更多美国留学相关问题敬请关注天道教育官方微信。或点击在线咨询。




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