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  This Is When You Should Work Out Each Day to KeepThe Weight Off, Study Suggests


  Finding time to commit to exercise can be a realchallenge, forcing many of us to squeeze in a quickrun or gym session whenever there's a sparemoment. It might be time to rethink those habits.


  New evidence suggests if you really want to makethe most of your exercise, you should do it at the same time each day. It's a schedule your bodywill thank you for.


  A study lead by researchers from Brown Alpert Medical School in the US has shown it reallydoesn't matter if you're a dawn jogger or a twilight cyclist; it's the consistency that's key if it'sweight-loss you're after.


  The US Department of Health and Human Services suggests two and a half hours of moderatephysical activity each week is the least we should be doing to keep healthy.


  And not just a minute here or there, but at least 10 minutes of heart-pounding exercise ineach session.


  Needless to say, if you're fairly fit and in a good state of health, you're probably meeting thisrequirement. But many of those who have problems keeping their weight down often struggleto get the exercise they need.


  Using survey results on the physical activity of 375 individuals exercising for weight loss, theresearchers identified a strong relationship between a moderate-to-vigorous level of exerciseat the same time of day and the amount of time spent exercising.


  Roughly half of the volunteers were morning people, which, when taken in context with aprevious study by some of the same scientists, could indicate physical activity before youstart your day is the way to go.


  This preference for regularity might all come down to the way we think about our diary.


  Activities we expect to do at set times – such as picking up the kids, going to work, orattending social meetings – aren't really things we give a great deal of conscious thought to.


  This mindless repetition is referred to as automaticity in psychology circles, and has alreadybeen shown to be important when it comes to sticking to an exercise regime.


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